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1. Use of the card

1.1. The following are strictly prohibited and may result in loss of all rights:
1.1.1. Driving the vehicle by persons not authorized by the lessor and stated on the reverse or in its fault in attached document.
1.1.2. To use the vehicle for the transportation of goods.
1.1.3. To use the vehicle to push or tow other vehicles.
1.1.4. Participation in races or contests of any kind.
1.1.5. Driving the vehicle under influence of alcohol and/or drugs.
1.1.6. Travelling in the vehicle with more persons than the number specified by the Law for that particular vehicle.
1.1.7. Cars only may be driven within the Iberian Peninsula, unless express authorization of the hire-company and stated on the reverse
1.2. The renter should have a current valid driving licence issued in his name for at least one year. At the same time the minimal age of the lessee will be twenty-three, twenty-five or twenty-seven years, depending on the type of rented vehicle

2. Deposit

Upon signing the contract the renter has to pay the estimated rental fee plus the fee in case determined in the current rate as deposit, returnable on finishing the contract if no extraordinary costs were claimed by the hire-company.

3. Return of the Vehicle

3.1. The lessee will return the vehicle to the place and on the date stated on the reverse and undertake to keep the vehicle, its equipment and tools in perfect conditions. Any alteration should be previously authorised by the lessor. Should this condition not be obeyed the lessor can lawfully demand the return of the vehicle, and in case the claim as compensation of the amount for every day of delaying in the dropping off the vehicle from the final date of contract, according with the current rate, and so the hire-company is able to claim for costs which could had been caused by the recovering of the vehicle out of contract date and the damages caused to it.
3.2. The lessor is fully authorised to withdraw the lessee’s vehicle at any moment whenever the term hired for the lease without the refund of the vehicle has lapsed.

4. Charges of the Rental

4.1. The client promises to pay to the lessor:
4.1.1. The rental charges of the vehicle, delivery and collection, insurance, petrol and taxes as indicated  in the effective rate.
4.1.2. The costs of repair or damage caused to the vehicle in case of accident when in accordance with the circumstances as described in articles 1 and 5 of these conditions and the charge of repair including towing charges or any additional expenses when ifs shown that this is due to inexperience or misuse of the vehicle by the client or authorized drivers.
4.1.3. Traffic fines, reports and official statements drawn up against the client or the additional drivers.
4.1.4. The costs of missing tools, jack, tyres and other accessories of the rented vehicle.
4.1.5 .The number of days in which the car is immobilized due to accidents, mechanical failure or towed away or retained by the Authorities due to clients negligence, which the client will compensate in accordance with the current rates of the type of vehicle rented.
4.2. The hire-company will accept every payment medium allowed by law, either in cash, credit card, not debit card, although in case of cash payment, it will be necessary also the presentation of a credit card like guarantee that it will serve as guarantee for the collection of eventual supplementary positions, such as damages non insured, car return delays or fuel, among others.

5. Insurance, Responsibility and Accidents

5.1. The lessor won’t be able to respond to the sanctions, reports and official statements drawn up against the client or accidents even in case these are due to mechanical failure.
5.2. Only the drivers expressly accepted by the lessor are insured and they are covered with an obligatory insurance.
5.3. The lessee’s civil responsibility of the client with respect to the damages caused to the vehicle in case of fire and theft (previous delivery of keys) is totally covered and partially in case of an accident with an insurance excess according to the current rates. This excess is waived if the client at the time of the rental obtains the collision damage coverage. The number of days in which the car is immobilized (article 4.5.) are not covered by the insurance and the client will compensate the lessor in accordance with the current rates of the type of vehicle rented.
5.4. In case of accident the client is obligated to the following (under possible loss of insurance):
5.4.1. Contact the lessor within 24 hrs from the time that the accident occurred.
5.4.2. Obtain and submit to the lessor all of the date of the other party and possible witnesses within 48
hours after the accident occurred specifying details about the circumstances, the place, date and time of the accident.
5.4.3. Notify immediately the authorities if the fault of the other party should be investigated or if there are persons injured.
5.4.4. Not to admit or prejudge with whom the blame lays.
5.4.5. Not to abandon the rented vehicle without previously taking the necessary measures to Project  it.
5.5. The insurance excludes:
5.5.1. Accidents due to the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.
5.5.2. Drivers without a valid driving license.
5.5.3. Punctures (total or partial) of tires, damage to the wheel including rims and/or hubcap as lost or stolen hubcaps.
5.5.4. The damages that it suffers the vehicle like consequence of differences or not well state of the roadway or damages caused by the circulation by not asphalted roadway.
5.5.5. Damages occasioned after the rental period started in the contract.
5.5.6. Carried clothing, luggage or other articles.
The lessor declines all responsibility for accidents or damages to properties caused by the rent vehicle if deliberately the lessee has given to the lessor relative inexact information to his identity, home or validity of their driving license.
5.5.7. Damages caused to the underneath of the vehicle and all the cost involved.
5.5.8. The expenses of obtaining a copy of the set of keys of the vehicle, in the cases of loss, breakage
or robbery. Also, the lessor will be able to charge the price fort the extra days that the vehicle cannot be rented out due to any of the reasons listed in section 5.5.
5.5.9. Damage caused by using the incorrect type of fuel and all the costs involved.
5.5.10. Damages caused to the clutch by inadequate use and expenses that it bears.
5.5.11. Damage to windows and/or windscreen.

6. Jurisdiction

In case of any kind of disagreement between the client and the lessor regarding to the present rental agreement could be submitted either at the judge or court of the client’s address or at the ones where the service has taken place, chosen by the plaintiff.

Data Protection

In observance to what is stated in Ley Orgánica 15/1999, of 13th. December, concerning Data Protection and its development Regulations, the company informs that personal details provided through by you in the undersigned rental agreement, will be kept in a file and computerised with the purpose of offering its products, services and promotions, granting as well express consent for the sending of marketing messages by electronic mail, in the strict terms included in current Legal Conditions.
This consent can be revoked through the mechanisms laid down for the exercise of the rights of access, rectification or erasure, and blocking of personal information.
Customer will have to fill in all the spaces of the agreement attached with truthful, accurate and up-to ¬date information, except for those which were indicated or naturally optional. In case of not providing the needed information, the company will be allowed to refuse the hiring request.
The data obtained will not be transferred to other persons, company or organization.
Equally, we would like to inform you will be able to exercise the rights of access, rectification or erasure, and blocking through the following ways:
– Personally, in any of our offices.

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