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What to consider when comparing car hire companies. Many people come back to the Costa Del Sol year after year, often many times a year as it is truly a lovely part of the world with a lot to offer. These folks habitually use the same company for their car hire needs due to habit…, they have not taken the time to consider the benefits they are missing out on by trying a smaller more personable company like Libra Rent a Car.

Nowadays everything is made super simple via the internet and for car hire this is no exception there are many price comparison websites – bear in mind that these sites are essentially brokers operating on commission and therefore headline a super low daily rate. When you arrive at the actual hire company, the extras start being piled on. It is better to use a company like Libra Rent a Car, where the price you are quoted is the price that you pay – nothing more!

On the subject of extras

FUEL CHARGES Lots of confusing options which I don’t truly understand to be honest, but the upshot being that you probably have to pay something more Level to Level. We are flexible as we want you to enjoy your hire experience and holiday, *If returned with significantly less fuel, a penalty of 20 euros per quarter tank may be charged
MILEAGE Various rates structures adding to the cost and obliging one to keep an eye on the odometer and not on the scenery Unlimited mileage within the Iberian peninsula
*In addition to the “Collision Damage Waiver insurance”
One-Off Fully Comprehensive Insurance
ADDITIONAL DRIVER Charge added Extra driver included
LOCAL TAXES 21% sales tax added Our prices include sales tax


Some driving recommendations:

  • Pay traffic fines on the spot. You can pay the Guardia Civil Trafico directly on the spot and get a 50% discount. In the case of Parking fines, it is possible to pay the fine at the ticket machine or in the local government office / Ayuntamiento. If the fine is not paid, the hire car company will identify you as driver, the fine will come by post and your car supplier will charge you extra to handle the fine. The association of rent a car companies recommends administration charges in excess of 30 euros, Libra Rent a Car only charges 20 euros


  • Do not leave personal belongings inside the car. This helps to avoid having the windows broken and from your perspective, losing your things. Personal belongings are not covered by the car insurance. However, they are normally or may be covered by your home, credit card or travel insurance.


  • Take care when using traffic roundabouts, on the costa del sol, (especially in the summer / high season) there are many different nationalities using the roads with separate norms and customs, this can lead to misunderstandings particularly at the roundabouts. The advice is to take it slowly and expect the unexpected. Another thing to take care of is that in Spain, as is the case in the most of Europe and should be the case the world over in my opinion, non-motorised road users have priority, be aware of pedestrians, bicyclists, horse riders (anything without an engine)

You will be charged an extra days rental if you are late bringing your car back. This is payable locally in Euros and possibly there may be additional taxes.

This will depend on availability at the time of your arrival. We cannot guarantee the exact make and model, however, we will provide a similar make and model, or will upgrade you at no extra cost if a similar sized car is not available for you when you arrive. If the vehicle supplied is unsatisfactory, you need to request a replacement from us at the time of collection. BOOK EARLY TO AVOID DISAPPOINTMENT!

It is important that you enter your flight number when booking your car. If you have given us a valid flight number and your flight is confirmed to still be arriving, we will normally wait for you if the delay is reasonable. For example if your flight is delayed overnight you would be able to collect your car the following day.

We have a minimum rental age of 25.

To collect your vehicle you will need to take the following documents:

  • A credit/debit card to cover the deposit.
  • Valid, original driver’s license for ALL NAMED drivers.
  • Drivers must hold and produce at time of collection a full national driving license from their country of residence for at least 1 year.  Licenses’ issued overseas must be clearly identifiable as a driving license, otherwise an International Driving License will be required as well.Please note, drivers holding a photo card British License are required to bring the paper part of the license with them when collecting the vehicle.
    Old-style paper licenses’ (which show endorsements) are valid until their expiry date.
    It is the driver’s responsibility to ensure that he/she has the appropriate driving license.

Photographic Identification

Acceptable forms of photo ID for EU residents are:

  • A valid passport – an expired passport can be used up to a maximum of two years after expiry.
  • Valid photographic EU or Swiss national identity card.
  • Valid armed forces identity card.
  • Valid Government-issued identity card.

NB: Non EU residents must present a passport.

A valid credit card

This must be in the principal drivers name and must have sufficient funds available to cover the deposit.

All customers are required to leave a deposit to cover the collision damage waiver excess, theft waiver excess and fuel. To do so, a valid credit card in the name of the principal driver must be produced upon collection of the car as a form of deposit.

Photocopies, faxes or letters will not be accepted.

All Customers will be required to leave a deposit to cover the Collision Damage Waiver excess, Theft Waiver excess and fuel deposit. To do so, a valid credit card in the name of the principal driver must be produced upon collection of the car.

If you need to cancel your rental we will issue a refund to the value of the booking, less 20 Euros or administration/credit card fee charges (which ever is greater).

All bookings canceled less than 48 hours from the due pick up date and time are non refundable.

In the event of unforeseeable circumstances beyond your reasonable control, including:
• serious illness of the driver
• bereavement of an immediate family member or traveling party
• natural disaster
• acts or restraints of governments or public authorities
• war, riot, civil commotion or acts of terrorism

we may at our discretion, provide you with a refund of the rental cost, provided that you promptly advise us and furnish evidence of such event (an administration/credit card fee may apply).

Although we will accept payment by debit or credit card, you will need a valid credit card to collect your vehicle. This must be in the principal driver’s name. This will be used as authorization for the excess liability (deposit).

Please check the Supplier T&C’s for excess liability / deposit amount before completing the booking.

Click here to view the Terms and conditions.

Sorry, but you are not insured outside of Spain, so NO! The only exception is Gibraltar which is approximately 120km away.

An amendment fee is charged each time you make a change to the times, location or vehicle type subject to availability. The amendment fee is €20.00 (if your booking is changed within 24 hours of the original booking then the amendment fee is not applied). Changes to the driver names are free of charge.

Changing any element of your booking may result in a change in price. If the cost of the changed booking is greater than the cost of the original booking, you will be charged the difference. If the cost of the changed booking is less than the cost of the original booking, the refund will be subtracted from your final account.

Changes before the start of your rental are subject to availability, before your agreed start time (that is before the rental of your Vehicle commences) you may change the following:
Start date/time (restrictions apply)
End date/time

You may also:
Add a driver
Change a driver
Remove a driver
Changes after Vehicle has been collected, subject to availability, after your vehicle as been collected you may:
Extend the end date/time
If changes are made via our website, then the additional costs (including administrative fee(s) will be debited from your card. If the changes are made at your rental location, then all such costs will be payable directly to our representative.

Unhappy with your vehicle rental?
If you are disappointed with any aspect of your rental we ask that any comments/ queries regarding your rental are submitted within 6 months from the date of collection of your rental.

You can contact us by email info@libracarrental.com.

Please send all documentation regarding additional charges to:

Libra Rent a Car

Calle Europa 2, Edificio Rubi, Bajo
Costa Del Sol
If your query relates to additional charges, we will need the bank statement and the invoice related to the charges.

Unlike our competitors we don’t make money on fuel and we don’t ask our customer to top the tank up before returning the car. We simply ask customers to return the car with the same amount of fuel as you started. This way you only pay for fuel you buy.

Your rental agreement only permits you to list the principal driver and a second named driver.

Please refer to the what must I bring with me when I collect my vehicle for information on what documents are required, age restrictions that may apply and additional fees.

Sorry we cannot hire a hire without diving license and we do not accept photocopied driving licenses.

You may book and pay a reservation for someone else to collect the vehicle. This person must be the nominated principal driver as shown on the rental agreement, and must own all the relevant documentation that is needed to collect the vehicle.

The principal driver must have the following document in order to collect the vehicle:

The driver’s licence for the driver and for each additional driver (original documents only)
Photographic identification for each driver (original documents only)
A valid credit card in the principal driver’s name to pay deposit
Recent utility bill

The credit card must have sufficient funds for the deposit and any supplementary charges. Unless a valid credit card is presented at the time of collection, the vehicle will not be allocated and no refund will be issued.

As the driver, you are responsible for the cost of penalties incurred, whilst the vehicle is on rent to you.

We will pass the relevant charge onto you, plus a 20 Euro administrative fee for each fine or penalty incurred.

Extras can be requested at the time of booking. There is usually a charge for them which is payable locally. No guarantee can be made regarding their availability.

You may pay for your booking using the following methods:

VISA Credit, VISA Debit, Mastercard & Amex

We charge a 2% credit card /debit card fee. We regret, we are not able to accept payment by cheque, Maestro/Switch or Diners club cards at this time.

Important Note: You will require a credit card in the main driver’s name to pay for the deposit on collection of your vehicle.

Your vehicle is only available for collection at the time you requested when making your original booking. If you wish to collect your vehicle earlier than requested, then please phone the office.

NB: A change fee may apply.

If you either chose or had to return your vehicle, prior to the pre-booked completion date, we regret to say we are unable to refund any of the unused rental time.

Dependent upon the circumstances, it may be possible for you to claim through your travel insurance provider and so we would suggest that you contact them accordingly.

In the event of an Incident (e.g. accident, theft or damage to the vehicle) you must do the following:

– Take photographs of the incident and all damages to the rental car and all third parties
– Obtain names, addresses, contact telephone numbers of all third parties and witnesses and Vehicle registration numbers of all third parties and occupants (and supply them to us when you call.)
– Inform the Police immediately and obtain an Incident or Crime Number.
– Notify us immediately on the office telephone number.

– Immediately send us any letter from any third party, any claim form, any written summons or any other documents relating to any Court proceedings.
– Provide all reasonable assistance to us and the insurers in dealing with the Court proceedings including allowing Court actions to be taken in your name and defending any proceedings taken against you.
– At the time of the incident, which has involved the Vehicle and a third party in an accident, make no admission of liability to any persons.

Important Note: All insurances are invalidated if the hirer or any other named driver knowingly lets an unauthorised person drive the car or invalidates the rental agreement. The rental company will recover full damages incurred while a car is being driven by an unauthorised driver or invalidates the rental agreement from the hirer’s credit card.

Depending on the circumstances, the rental supplier reserves the right not to replace the vehicle.

The insurance included in your reservation does not cover personal injury.

We strongly recommend that you take out separate insurance cover to cater for this eventuality.

The insurance included in your reservation does not cover loss or damage to your or any of the traveling parties possessions.

We strongly recommend that you take out separate insurance cover to cater for this eventuality.

Payment is taken at the time the booking is made.

You will also need to present a valid credit card, in the name of the principle driver, with sufficient funds for the deposit and any supplementary charges when you collect the vehicle.

Unless a valid credit card in the name of the principle driver is presented at the time of collection, the vehicle will not be allocated and no refund will be issued.

Deposits are not generally debited from your credit card. An authorisation hold is placed on the credit card and is released when the vehicle is returned in the same condition as rented.

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