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Optional Extras

Satelite Navigation (Sat Nav) or GPS is available as an optional extra. Sat Nav is available at €4 per day but with a maximum of €20 per week.
All the car rental companies in Spain have two basic rates. Provided the usual travel insurance is taken out for Spain, no extra insurance cover is needed. However, this will not stop you being offered additional, optional, insurance for your car hire.

In most EU countries the term ‘children’ refers to those under 12 years or less than 135cms tall, as the driver the responsibility lies with you to ensure any child passenger is using the appropriate seat for their size / age.  Drivers found to be in breach could face a significant fine and a deduction of 3 points. Please note a baby seat should never be fitted on a front passenger seat when the car has an airbag activated.

Baby Seat is 5€ per day to a maximum of 25€ per week. If 2 required second is charged at 4€ & 20€. If 3 required third is charged at 3€ & 15€.
Booster Seat is 3€ per day to a maximum of 15€ per week. If 2 required second is charged at 2€ & 15€. If 3 required third is charged at 2€ & 15€.

We provide the following three ranges of seats, please specify which you require:

  • Group 0 – Up to 13kgs (approximately 18 months) fitted facing away from the direction of travel for maximum support and safety, secured with straps over the shoulders and fastening between the legs.
  • Group 1 – Between 9kgs and 18kgs (approximately 18 months to 4 years) are similar fastening as Group 0, but forward facing.
  • Group 2 or Group 3 – Between 15kgs and 36kgs (approximately 3 years to 12 years) are essentially a seat that lies on top of the cars fitted seats and utilises the cars standard seatbelt through a position locator.  For slightly larger children just the seat may be utilised to elevate the height of the child so that they may use the standard seatbelt.

Roof Racks

You have the option to include roof racks if you are in need of extra luggage space, please inform us if you require roof racks to be fitted.  Should you decide that you require extra luggage space an estate car may also be the answer, which takes more luggage than an ordinary boot.

Airport transfers

We offer pick-up and drop off’s from Malaga Airport by prior arrangement.
Price available on request.

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